Laboratory News


December 2020

Sydney has successfully defended her candidacy exam. Congratulations Sydney!

August 2020

Lizzy has successfully defended her candidacy exam.  Congratulations Lizzy!

May 2020

Jeremy has received a FRACCA award from OVPRI.  The project is entitled "Determining the Role of Gata3 in Inner Ear Neurons."

Zach has successfully defended his Master's Thesis.  Congratulations Zach!!

April 2020

Makayla has successfully defended her honors thesis.  Congratulations Makayla!

February 2020


Zach has been accepted to the Immunology PhD program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Congratulations Zach!

Paige has received the 2020 Graduate Research and Creative Scholar Award. Congratulations Paige!

January 2020


Paige re-joins the lab as an accelerated M.S. student. Welcome back Paige!

Accelerated M.S. Student Makayla Long joins the lab. Welcome Mckayla!

Sydney’s article “Strategies to Restore Hearing” has been published in the Hilltop Review. Way to go Sydney!

Students Elizabeth, Sydney, and Paige present posters at the 43rd Annual ARO Meeting in San Jose, CA.

Undergraduate Student Somi Yoon joins the lab.  Welcome Somi!

Honors Undergraduate Student Serena Karlov joins the lab.  Welcome Serena!

PhD Student Elizabeth has been awarded a Travel Award to attend the 43rd Annual ARO Meeting in San Jose, CA.

December 2019


Paige successfully defended her honors thesis and receives the Best Honors Thesis Presentation Award.  She graduates summa cum laude from WMU. Congratulations Paige!

Olivia L. has graduated from WMU and accepted a position at Northern Biomedical Research.  Congratulations Olivia!

August 2019

Honors Undergraduate Student Hiba Ahmad joins the lab.  Welcome Hiba!

July 2019

Students Elizabeth, Sydney, Zach, and Paige present posters at The 8th Midwest Auditory Research Conference at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

May 2019

Students Elizabeth, Sydney, Zach, and Paige present posters at The Michigan Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.

Jeremy has been awarded a grant from WMU's College of Arts and Sciences for Summer 2019 providing funding for PhD student Elizabeth.

April 2019

Meskerem has successfully defended her Honors Thesis and graduated from WMU.  Congratulations Meskerem!

March 2019

Honors Undergraduate Student Olivia Ambursley-Gries joins the lab.  Welcome Olivia!

February 2019

Undergraduate Student Olivia Leighton joins the lab.  Welcome Olivia!

January 2019


Zach re-joins the lab as a M.S. student. Welcome back Zach!

Honors Undergraduate Student Paige Blinkiewicz joins the lab.  Welcome Paige!

December 2018

Jeremy has received an Early Career Research Award from the NIDCD. The project is “Determining the Molecular Landscape Necessary for Hair Cell Differentiation.”

Undergraduate student Zach Stoner graduates from WMU.  Congratulations Zach!

November 2018

Jeremy presents a poster at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington D.C.

August 2018

PhD Student Sydney Sheltz-Kempf joins the Lab. Welcome Sydney!

May 2018

Undergraduate Student Zach Stoner joins the lab.  Welcome Zach!

November 2017

Honors Undergraduate Student Meskerem Tolossa joins the lab.  Welcome Meskerem!

August 2017


PhD Student Elizabeth Ketchum joins the lab. Welcome Elizabeth!

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Oculomotor nucleus

NeuroVue Dye tracing Oculomotor Nucleus